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Off the Wall. May 2007.

Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art has an exhibition of installations on at the moment (until May 28) called Off the Wall – they all sit on the floor.

It is a mixed show.  I liked four pieces, and really disliked three.

Here are some pictures of the four I liked!

Zobop.  Jim Lambie.

I saw this first in Washington, but it works much better here – there is an enclosed space.  It is quite hypnotic, and rather beautiful.

DSC_0090   DSC_0063   DSC_0062

Spirit Collection: Hippocrates.  Christine Borland.

I loved this: glass jars hanging from the ceiling, containing bleached leaves and a liquid.    I don’t know whether the liquid was a solvent to bleach the leaves – there was no colour in the liquid, so it is unlikely.  It was very serene, and captivating.

DSC_0070 bw   DSC_0066 bw   DSC_0067 bw1

David Mach.

I have no idea what this piece is called.  I really like David Mach’s work, and have done since I first came across it – when he filled rooms with piles of newspaper pouring through the windows and and fireplaces og the Gallery of Modern Art (and that was in 1982, I think!).  he has done a lot of outdoor sculpture, too – there is a set of three heads on the M8 which are rather wonderful.

This piece comprised of whisky bottles – some filled to create the shape of a man; or the saltire, perhaps.

DSC_0073 bw   DSC_0072 bw

The Lamp of Sacrifice, 286 Places of Worship, Edinburgh 2004.  Nathan Coley.

Coley has been nominated for the Turner prize, with a similar piece to this: I think he specialises in making models of churches.  Apparently, this piece includes a model of every place of worship in Edinburgh in 2004 – he went through the Yellow Pages to identify them all.  I could recognise some of them.  I thought this was great fun – there is a wonderful simplicity about it.

DSC_0087 bw   DSC_0086  bw   DSC_0078 bw