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Rodchenko at the Hayward. February 2008.

The Hayward Gallery in London has an exhibition of the Russian photographer Alexander Rodchenko.  I wasn’t aware of seeing his work before, though looking at his pictures created a strong feeling of familiarity.

Born in 1891, he was practicing as an artist at the time of the Russian revolution, and he felt his art needed to make a strong revolutionary statement.  He worked in photomontage, creating new images by combining others’ photographs, and that got him interested in taking his own pictures. 

His images are full of angles and abstraction – lots of strong lines, rarely vertical or horizontal; I couldn’t help wondering the extent to which these were created in the darkroom rather than the camera – it is a lot easier to move a piece of photographic paper to set up diagonals than to hold a camera at an angle to take a picture. Continue reading

Chris Greive’s “Islay Quartet”. Edinburgh, January 2008.

Last month, I went to see the Chris Greive Islay Quartet at the Lot in Edinburgh. According to my sources, they played a storming gig at the Islay Jazz Festival last year (hence their name…). It was a while since I had been to a jazz gig – this was the first of the year; and I took my camera with me.

Here are some of the pictures I took – there are a lot more on flickr…. Mostly they are of Chris Greive (trombone), Ryna Quigley (trumpet) and Phil bancroft (tenor and alto sax).

It was a great gig – Quigley and Bancroft were particularly storming.

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