“Forever Changes”: Jim Lambie at Glasgow Museum of Modern Art.

On my way from a meeting in Glasgow last week, I took shelter from the rain in the very grand space of the Gallery of Modern Art.  This wasn’t chance, though: I had seen a photograph in the Independent of a new installation by Jim Lambie, and I knew I wanted to see it.  Hiding from the rain was just fortuitous.

I have seen Jim Lambie’s work before – the installation Zubop in Washington (this is visible to friends only), and Zubop again in Edinburgh.

The installation in Glasgow was new: “Forever Changes” – actually, a combination of several installations and artworks.

I loved it.

I loved it all.

The floor was wonderful.


The stacks of vinyl LPs were wonderful – stuck in cement.  (In case you didn’t click on the links above, the title of the work, Forever Changes, comes from an LP by Love.  I looked for it amongst the petrified LPs, but I couldn’t see it.)


The chairs and handbags were wonderful.


But most of all, it just made such a good use of the whole space.



Unfortunately, my photographs aren’t half as good as the one I later found on the BBC Scotland website:

(The photographer isn’t credited – © Getty Images / BBC.)


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