Peter King Quartet. Edinburgh, April 2008.

I went to the JazzBar for the first time in an age a couple of weeks ago to see alto saxophonist Peter King. Another great gig; it made me think I really should get out to see music more often.

He was playing in a quartet with Martin Drew on drums, Steve Melling on piano and Geoff Gascoyne on bass. The first set was good, but as so often happens, the second set was brilliant – some really fiery playing, great solos from King, and wonderful support by the band. They played a couple of Chick Corea numbers – a surprising choice for an alto player – and a long suite of King’s dedicated to John Coltrane, which was just superb.

I took some pictures… Actually, I took 82 pictures. The problem with digital cameras – particularly since he didn’t move much, so I got 82 very similar photographs! Here are my favourite.

DSC_0032 bw

DSC_0044 bw

DSC_0008 bw

DSC_0049 bw

* * *

I actually have a couple of connections with Martin Drew, and it was quite strange to see him. When I was thirteen, and I got my first drum kit, I took some drum lessons, and Drew was my teacher. I didn’t take many – I wasn’t that good, and I didn’t enjoy the lessons (I wanted to hit things rather than study the dots).

And then he played as part of a quartet at my father’s memorial service, nearly twenty years ago.


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