Monthly Archives: December 2008

Arild Andersen, Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia. Edinburgh, December 2008.

Last night, I went to see Arild Andersen, Tommy Smith and Paolo Vinaccia play at the Lot in Edinburgh. It was a very similar line up to the concert Andersen, Smith and Alyn Cosker played during the Edinburgh Jazz Festival – but something was missing, last night.

I’m not sure what to was: whether it was the weather, the venue (which normally I think is great – it is intimate, one is close the stage, and usually it works well), the audience (a largely middle aged crowd, for a change – I felt like I was the youngest there!) – or, just maybe, the musicians: perhaps they were feeling slightly jaded, since they are half way through a tour of Scotland, promoting their new CD (which has had some great reviews – and I picked up a copy last night. I have picked up a lot of music over the past couple of days!).

This was a good set, but not a great set – unlike the summer’s trio performance, or Smith and Andersen’s previous duets I saw in Edinburgh (almost exactly two years ago – memories of that evening may be influencing me) and Islay some time before that. It lacked a bit of intensity and excitement. Possibly, my own expectations were simply too high.

The music was lovely though; and the CD is pretty good, too!