Public Service Broadcasting. Edinburgh, November 2013.

I first saw PSB back in May; they were playing a small venue in Edinburgh and, having heard a couple of tracks on the radio, I went along to catch them live. I was totally blown away: that just two musicians could make so much sound (albeit helped by a hefty load of electronics). It was a superb gig, and the encore, “Everest”, had moments of beauty. All that, and they managed to make banjo trendy…

So when they were back in town in November, I was right up at the front. It was another great gig, marred only by knowing what to expect: the encore, for instance, lacked the chill because I was waiting for it to happen.

DSCN6873 DSCN6870

DSCN6865 DSCN6833

But they still made one hell of a sound for just two guys. The two – who may or may not go by pseudonyms redolent of the mid-20th century vibe they mashup – consist of a drummer (“Wigglesworth”) and “J. Willgoose, Esq.” on, well as they say, “everything else”. That’s keyboards, guitars, bass, banjolele, samples – everything. That said, it is the drumming that keeps the music moving: Wigglesworth is a powerhouse.

Playing against a backdrop of old public information films, with samples from the films set to very modern tunes and rhythms, the duo are completely compelling.

Another great gig.

DSCN6830 DSCN6845




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