The Bad Plus. Edinburgh Jazz Festival, July 2014.

This was the Edinburgh Jazz Festival gig I was most looking forward to, and simultaneously the one I was least looking forward to. That’s because it was the one that had the potential to disappoint me most, because my expectations were so high. Last tune I saw the Bad Plus play, I was disappointed, because the previous occasion – which happened to be the night before – they played, together with Joshua Redman, one of the most powerful, moving gigs I’ve ever been to. The following night, without Redman, could only have been disappointing.

What would happen this time?

Well, it wasn’t quite as good as that gig with Redman; but it was pretty close.

DSCF1223 bw DSCF1211 bw

Spread over two long sets, they played some beautiful music. Playing music written by each of them but keeping to a band-style, the trio seems intricately balanced: Ethan Iverson seems serious on piano, Dave King brings irreverent humour on percussion (with a bag full of gadgets and a wry smile on his face – he always looks like he’s enjoyinging himself), and between the two of them is Reid Anderson on bass, propelling them along.

Anderson also writes the tunes which most resonate with me – his “Prehensile Dream” was a high point of the gig, brooding beauty building and building to its climax. For three people, they have a big sound. There is a lot going on without it being too busy or full.

DSCF1218 DSCF1219

So. This was the best of the several EJF gigs I went to this year, and I felt grateful and privileged to be there. Still, I can’t help but imagine what they’d have been like if they had surpassed their show with Redman…



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