The Waterboys. Edinburgh, August 2015.

The best rock gig since maybe the last time I saw the Waterboys. Though actually I think the last gig I went to WAS the Waterboys

This time they were playing in Princes St Gardens, and it was very much a homecoming gig for Mike Scott and this trans-Atlantic version of the band: only violinist Steve Wickham remains from the classic line ups, with Ralph Salmins on drums, who played the last tour, with from various points in the US, Dave Hood on bass, Brother Paul on a very bluesy organ, and Zach Ernst on guitar.

They played exactly what you would expect, starting with A Girl Called Johnnie and moving through much of Fisherman’s Blues and This Is The Sea, with several newer things, and closing with an amazing encore of a long version of Purple Rain and closing with, of course, The Whole Of The Moon.

Halfway through The Whole Of The Moon, the Tattoo fireworks went off, not quite to the beat but pretty close. And leaving, we could see the full moon appearing from behind the castle.

It was all fab. Just a wonderful evening.











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