I am a jazz fan. I listen to a lot of jazz and go to a lot of gigs; and I sometimes write about them. I also take photographs at gigs, and have done for over thirty years.

This is a fan’s blog. Purely my views and opinions: I am writing about what jazz, other music, art and culture mean to me. Feel free to disagree with me. I generally pay for my own tickets to any concerts I write about; I tend to go to gigs that I think I will enjoy, so my thoughts about the music I hear are generally but not uniformly positive.

I have written posts on another platform, and I am gathering those posts here, too – backdated. When I lived in London, I also wrote some reviews for the LondonJazz blog, some of which may appear here.

I have been taking photographs at gigs for over thirty years.

As well as jazz, I am interested in visual arts, modern dance, rock and classical music, all of which I may (or may not) write about here, sporadically.

But mostly, jazz.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dave Conway

    Hi Patrick,
    Just discovered your blog – v interesting.
    Are you aware of the Clack Clack Club? Monthly event at Henry’s Cellar Bar featuring exclusively new music – mostly jazz but also classical, poetry, rap, world music.

    Dave Conway
    (Click Clack Club)

    (Dave Conway has performed his own compositions live on BBC Radio 1, Radio 3 (Jazz Line Up), Radio 6 and BBC Radio Scotland. He has composed for the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and continues to play with some of the best jazz musicians in Scotland – his career has included stints with Tommy Smith, Brian Kelloch, Jimmy Deuchar, Mike Travis, Paul Harrison, Chris Grieve, Dick Lee, Malcolm MacFarlane, John Burgess, Gina Rae, MC Soom T and many more. He co-promotes the new music Click Clack Club in Edinburgh.)

    1. patrickhadfield Post author

      Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I am aware of the Click Clack club, but I haven’t yet made it – either because of clashes or (for which I must apologise!) because I forgot it’s on…

      I used to love Henry’s when it was run as a regular jazz club, and it is great the space is still being used.

      And thank you for the prompt to get me down there again!


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